Friday, 11 November 2011

Nina from Japan

I miss to watch gelagat Nina again since semua video dia dah tengok. Miss nak tengok tumbesaran dia day by day, month by month and year by year like before but apa boleh buat kalau itu dah keputusan terbaik yang ayah dia dah putuskan untuk Nina. Keputusan apa? Hurm her father dah stop post videos about Nina. 

Hey who's Nina? Dont you know bloggie, opss vloggie.. Oh you are not blogger or vlogger? Let me tell you then. Nina is my favourite YouTube girl. I found videos about Nina months ago when blogging blog by blog. She is so adorable but her father always said she looks goofy. Baru baru ni found geof's photo galleries, most of all are Nina's photo. She is so cute and my mood become happy after look at her. 

Here are some photos of Nina.

Nina's Photo Galleries at here
Nina's Video at here

Nice to meet you Nina 

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